New Keis heated jacket is 25% warmer

Putting out 25% more heat than previous generations - and with ultra lightweight construction for maximum comfort - the new Premium Extreme J505RP is Keis’ most advanced heated jacket ever; a must-have for the coming cold snap.

As the name suggests the Premium Extreme J505RP Jacket is designed to deal with extremely cold conditions. It’s Micro Carbon Fibre heat panels provide a luxurious, even spread of heat across the chest, back, arms and collar. The panels are thinner and more flexible than traditional wired elements, and more reliable. 

Powered directly from your motorcycle’s 12V battery, heat is always on-tap when you need it and even with the impressive 78W it's capable of pumping out, current draw is only around 6.5A on the highest power setting, so it won’t put undue stress on your bike's electrical system. 

Keis J505RP Extreme heated jacket

A Standard Power Controller comes free with the jacket (as of November 2022), for easy temperature adjustment. There’s also the option to use the Keis Bluetooth® Controller (retail £59.99) to adjust the jacket via the Keis iControl App on Apple or Android smartphones. 

The jacket’s ultra lightweight and breathable soft shell is made slim so it can fit easily under close-fitting riding jackets, while elasticated panels keep movement unhindered. Its stylish cut and red highlights mean it looks good off the bike too. 

There are external pockets ideal for a phone or wallet, and a dedicated zipped section for the heat controller, to keep things organised and easy to find. Integrated power outputs are located at the cuff on both arms and in the jacket's waistline, which facilitates the power connection of Keis heated gloves and heated trousers or socks – making for a complete full-body heating solution, all powered from the jacket’s power lead to the motorcycle battery.

The Premium Extreme J505RP comes in eight sizes - XXS (36in) to XXXL (50in) - to enable the best possible fit, and is supplied with all required wiring and full easy to follow instructions. It retails at £225 including VAT and the heating element is covered by the Keis Lifetime Warranty for complete peace of mind. 

J505RP extreme jacketJ505RP Keis Extreme Heated JacketJ505RP Keis heated jacket
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