Heated Clothing PORTABLE Battery - 5200mAh, with Multinational Charger (UK,EU,US)

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5200mAh portable battery for Keis heated clothing, with a multinational charger (for UK/EU/US wall plug sockets)

You can either power your Keis Heated Vest or Keis Heated Bodywarmer via the supplied vehicle power loom (such as powering your garment from a motorcycle), or use any of the provided Keis Portable Batteries.

These have been specially designed to produce an even stream of 12V of power throughout the battery's life, while adhering to the highest level of safety.

When not powering your garment from the supplied vehicle battery lead, the Keis 5200mAh Battery is a recommended portable battery for powering one or two heated garment.

If you wish to power more than two Dual Power garments at the same time, power should be drawn from your vehicle/motorcycle battery, via the power supply lead provided. Heated jackets should not be powered from any portable battery.

Available with a wall plug charger, for UK, EU, and US electrical wall sockets.

HOW LONG DO THE PORTABLE LI-ION BATTERY PACKS LAST? Go to our FAQs page where you'll find the answer.

Why use a Keis portable battery?

Why is it essential to use Keis Battery Packs when powering your Keis heated apparel from a portable battery?

Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) batteries can store enormous amounts of energy. Even a relatively small device can deliver enough energy in one burst to start a car or to start a fire.

Therefore, it is essential that when deploying Li-ion batteries that they are accompanied by control circuits that monitor and control the delivery of this vast reservoir of energy.

Keis Battery Packs use only high-quality Li-Ion cells with sophisticated electronics that help protect the cells from short circuit, over discharge, overcharge and excessive temperature. Not only do these circuits protect against the common dangers that can be experienced with Lithium cells, they also help extend the useful life of your Keis Battery Pack. Lithium batteries are one of the best examples of 'You get what you pay for'.

Battery charge status indicator

Keis Heated Clothing Battery with a charge indicator

The Keis Battery Pack features an LED charge indicator (simply shake the battery to view the available charge: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%), and can also be used to charge USB devices, such as a phone or camera.



Keis 5200mAh Portable Battery Capacity:

5200 mAh capacity


  • 12V Keis Portable Li-Ion Battery Packs suitable for all Keis Dual-Power products.
  • 5200mAh capacity.
  • Integral LED Status Monitor.
  • The battery pack can also be used to charge or power USB devices.
  • Supplied with a multinational charger (for use with UK/EU/US wall plug sockets).


Weights and Dimensions:

  • H.14cm x W.7.5cm x D.2.2cm
    360 grams


Please Note: This size battery is not recommended to power any of the Sleeved Keis Heated Jacket. Always remove li-ion battery packs from garments when not in use.

Please Note: Charger type may vary according to market. Please select your chosen charger type.


Battery Instructions

Download the Battery Instructions from the link below:

Click here for a Pdf copy of the Instructions Manual


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