Heated Clothing - Motorcycle Voltage Regulator Leads (pair)

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Keis heated clothing voltage regulator for the motorcycle power lead/s

Although not very common, some modern motorcycles produce periods of higher voltage, depending on the conditions. This can result in more than 12 Volts being supplied to your Keis garment. The result of this is more felt when using any of the Keis heated gloves. A symptom of this condition could be higher than usual heat. 

Make use of a Keis voltage regulator if you need to better manage the supplied voltage from your motorcycle.  

Important heated clothing information:

In order to ensure consistent heat output from your Keis heated gloves, they are fitted with voltage protection. There can be instances on some models of motorcycle when this 'safe' voltage is exceeded. In these cases the gloves will automatically shut down. 

The voltage regulators included in this package are designed to reduce the voltage supplied to the gloves to a safe level. Please be aware that if your gloves are used on an alternative motorcycle the voltage regulators may no longer be required. 

The resistor leads (pair) do not connect to the wire loom kit attached to your motorcycle unless you are reducing the voltage of a jacket or vest. For any gloves/ insole garments they must be attached to both ends of the Y-lead that would of come with your Keis heated Gloves or your Keis Heated Boot Insoles.  

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