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Keis heated clothing - motorcycle power lead fuse pack

Assorted fuses and full instructions on how to ‘Manage your Fuses’, including the following:

  • 1x 2A (Grey)
  • 1x 3A (Purple)
  • 1x 5A (Tan)
  • 1x 7.5A (Brown)A
  • 1x 10A (red)
  • 1x 15A (Blue)


Fuses protect both the Keis heated garment and the motorcycle.

Select the correct fuse by adding up the amps drawn for the garment, or combination of garments. Always use the fuse with a greater amp value.

Keis Heated Clothing Fuses


Fuse Usage When Using Individual Keis Garments

ITEM:                  APROX. CURRENT:       RECOMMENDED FUSE:
Vest                   1.3 - 1.5A                       2A Fuse (grey colour)
Bodywarmer      1.2A                               2A Fuse (grey colour)
Jacket                 5.5 - 6.0A                       7.5A Fuse (brown colour)
Gloves                1.0 - 1.6A                       2A Fuse (grey colour)
Trousers              3.3A                               5A Fuse (orange colour)
Insole or Socks   0.6 - 1.0A                       2A Fuse (grey colour)


heated clothing fuses
It is important to manage your heated clothing fuse. See the instructions below:

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