Bij aankopen uit landen buiten het VK wordt geen Britse btw in rekening gebracht. Maar het kan zijn dat u in uw land invoerrechten en/of belasting moet betalen bij het ophalen van uw pakket.
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The Keis Inspiring Riders 2021-2022 Winners

The 2021-2022 UK's most inspiring winter motorcycle riders 

(In alphabetical order) A very big congratulations to...


Billy's Biker Adventures

Billy's Bike Adventures


 EmmaLucy Cole

EmmaLucy Cole


Ricky Vida



What they won?

An all-inclusive 6-day ICELAND riding adventure. This covers flights, hotel accommodation, meals, motorcycle hire, and the tour support crew - provided by Keis Apparel.

In addition, Keis Apparel also had a video and photographic team joining the ICELAND motorcycle riding experience, to capture the winner’s incredible adventure. 


Watch out for their September 2022 riding adventures, across one of the world's most spectacular terrain with active volcanos, glaciers, icy river crossings... and so much shared fun, off and on two wheels.