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Keis Inspiring UK Riders 2021-2022

In October 2021, Keis Apparel went looking for the UK's most inspiring motorcycle digital personalities, to share their interesting, funny, and inspiring riding adventures through the 2021-2022 northern hemisphere winter.

After receiving interest from over 60 winter-riding motorcycle participants, 18 riders where chosen as participants.

These wonderful, passionate, and super-entertaining group of digital motorcycle personalities, were keen to share their 2021-2022 winter riding adventures.

Keis Apparel provided a range of heated motorcycle clothing for each participant, and followed them all over 5 months (November 2021 to March 2022). The UK's number 1 heated clothing brand helped them share their winter riding experiences with as many motorcyclists as possible, on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and within online blogs... With the hope that they would inspire us all to get out and enjoy the pleasures of riding year round.

These are the Terms and Conditions in regards to the competition.

Meet the 18 amazing '2021-2022 Keis Inspiring Rider' participants


We were all spellbound by the incredible winter adventures, riding knowledge, and depth of insight, shared with hundreds of thousands of viewers - on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and online blogs. Everyone was blown away by the spectacular images and breath-taking videos, as well as the winter riding and equipment knowledge.

Between the 15th and the 31st of March 2022, a team of judges were assembled to determine who, or whom, was the UK's most inspiring rider/s. The winner/s were to be awarded an invitation to join Keis Apparel as guests on an all inclusive, unique ICELAND riding adventure in September 2022.

The judging panel includes four highly accomplished motorcycle adventurers, racers, marketeers, and journalists, who know a thing or two about inspiring motorcyclists to brave new heights (both figuratively and literally). 

The scores were very, very close, so Keis Apparel decided that three finalists were to be crowned as the 2021 to 2022 UK’s Most Inspiring Winter Rider/s.

The 2021-2022 UK's most inspiring winter riders 

(In alphabetical order) A very big congratulations to...
Billy's Biker Adventures
Billy's Bike Adventures
 EmmaLucy Cole
EmmaLucy Cole
Ricky Vida


What they won?

An all-inclusive 6-day ICELAND riding adventure. This covered flights, hotel accommodation, meals, motorcycle hire, and the tour support crew - provided by Ride With Locals.

In addition, Keis Apparel also have a video and photographic team joining the ICELAND motorcycle riding experience, to capture the winner’s incredible adventure. 

See some of their adventures here



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