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Keis Inspiring Riders 2021/2022

Keis heated clothing inspiring riders

Keis Inspiring UK Riders 2021-2022

In October 2021, Keis Apparel went looking for the UK's most inspiring motorcycle digital personalities, to share their interesting, funny, and inspiring riding adventures through the 2021-2022 northern hemisphere winter.

After receiving interest from over 60 winter-riding motorcycle participants, 18 riders where chosen as finalists.

These wonderful, passionate, and super-entertaining group of digital motorcycle personalities, were keen to share their 2021-2022 winter riding adventures.

Keis Apparel provided a range of heated motorcycle clothing for each finalist, and followed them all over 5 months (November 2021 to March 2022). The UK's number 1 heated clothing brand helped them share their winter riding experiences with as many motorcyclists as possible, on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and within online blogs... With the hope that they would inspire us all to get out and enjoy the pleasures of riding year round.

Meet the 18 amazing '2021-2022 Keis Inspiring Rider' Finalists


We were all spellbound by the incredible winter adventures, riding knowledge, and depth of insight, shared with hundreds of thousands of viewers - on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and online blogs. Everyone was blown away by the spectacular images and breath-taking videos, as well as the winter riding and equipment knowledge.

Between the 15th and the 31st of March 2022, a team of judges were assembled to determine who, or whom, was the UK's most inspiring rider/s. The winner/s were to be awarded an invitation to join Keis Apparel as guests on an all inclusive, unique ICELAND riding adventure in September 2022.

The judging panel includes four highly accomplished motorcycle adventurers, racers, marketeers, and journalists, who know a thing or two about inspiring motorcyclists to brave new heights (both figuratively and literally). 

The 2021-2022 Judges

Inspiring Riders judge - Paddy

Paddy Tyson

Paddy Tyson began motorcycling as a student in the late 80s, worked as a dispatch rider for just over a decade, is a qualified riding instructor, and has ridden on most of the world’s continents for extended periods. He has been editor of Overland Magazine since its inception in 2011 and is founder and organiser of Overland Events Ltd, which celebrates everything to do with overland motorcycle travel. He has become a keen competitor in classic long-distance trials recently, but his mind is never far from the next big trip. From the high Himalayas to crossing Canada in winter, he understands cold-weather riding.



Inspiring Riders judge - Kevin

Kevin Sanders

Overlander and double Guinness World Record holder for global motorcycling including the official fastest ride around the World and the top to the bottom.  Co-founder and director of GlobeBusters Motorcycle Expeditions & Tours.  Kevin is a RoSPA Diploma Advanced rider who has completed 2 continuous circumnavigations of the World and ridden from North to South America 9 times.  Crossed Central Asia and China 9 times and numerous trips through Africa and other locations around the World including Iceland, South Korea and Japan.  Currently the official Adventure Travel Partner with Triumph Motorcycles.




Inspiring Riders judge - Dan

Dan Sager

Dan Sager has 30+ years’ experience in the motorcycle industry, working with brands as diverse as Watsonian Sidecars, Sena Bluetooth communications and Keis heated clothing. During that time, he's been instrumental behind-the-scenes in setting two worlds records - the youngest motorcyclist to circumnavigate with world and fastest motorcycle towing a trailer - so he's no stranger to inspiring rides. A lifelong motorcyclist, when he isn't at work, Dan is currently on a mission to find the best biker scran in the kingdom.




Inspiring Riders judge - Brittany

Brittany Cuthbert

Brittany Cuthbert is an ex-FIM International ladies motocross competitor, who worked her way up the ranks from multiple South African regional and national ladies champion, to back-to-back Africa Cup of Nations ladies champion, to racing at Grand Prix level in the United Kingdom, France and Germany. Brittany started riding two wheels at the age of 6 and has experience in the fields of Motocross, Supermoto, Offroad, Enduro and more recently, on-road touring. With a degree in Media and Marketing, Brittany looks after the digital activity for Motohaus Powersports Ltd and the Keis Apparel brand.


The Judging Criteria

While Keis Apparel believes that all the finalists had inspired us all to ride more in some way this winter - and all the finalists were great positive advocates for the growing UK winter motorcycle community - unfortunately, Keis had to eventually select a winner, (or winners).

There were five content criteria that each finalist was judged by:

  1. Engagement: (a value out of 20). To what extent (quantity) had a finalist’s winter-riding content engaged UK viewers/readers? Were their followers liking and commenting on the posts and were the finalists responding to them, e.g. answering any questions or being brand advocates themselves.
  2. Inspiration: (a value out of 20). How well did the finalist's content succeed in making their audience feel like they wanted to get out and ride during our winter season?
  3. Originality: (a value out of 20). Whether it was the concept, or the context. A unique idea, or a fresh new angle. Did the Keis Inspiring Rider create any original content? Any original ideas that fitted their platform, following and influencer style.
  4. Quality: (a value out of 20). In comparison with most user-produced motorcycle content, had the Keis Inspiring Rider managed to provide a high level of finish to their winter riding content? High quality images or well put together and edited videos, well written captions or pieces.
  5. Informative: (a value out of 20). Did a Keis Inspiring Rider's audience learn something new or interesting about a relevant aspect of motorcycling in the winter season? Whether about motorcycles, gear, riding, routes, etc.

Judges awarded each finalist a score per criteria, which combine to represent a numeric value of how inspiring each finalist had been this winter (1st November 2021 to 15th March 2022),

The scores were very, very close, so Keis Apparel decided that three finalists were to be crowned as the 2021 to 2022 UK’s Most Inspiring Winter Rider/s.

The 2021-2022 UK's most inspiring winter riders 

(In alphabetical order) A very big congratulations to...


Billy's Biker Adventures

Billy's Bike Adventures


 EmmaLucy Cole

EmmaLucy Cole


Ricky Vida



What have they won?

An all-inclusive 6-day ICELAND riding adventure. This covers flights, hotel accommodation, meals, motorcycle hire, and the tour support crew - provided by Keis Apparel.

In addition, Keis Apparel will also have a video and photographic team joining the ICELAND motorcycle riding experience, to capture the winner’s incredible adventure. 


Watch out for their September 2022 riding adventures, across one of the world's most spectacular terrain with active volcanos, glaciers, icy river crossings... and so much shared fun, off and on two wheels. 


Plus... Stay turned for future announcements about the 2022-2023 Keis Inspiring Riders program.