Heated Clothing Y-Lead (spare) to connect the Gloves to a power source

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Spare Y-lead, to power Keis Heated Gloves (the new post-2020 Keis Gloves, with the male power plug on the gloves) 

What does the 'Male Power Plug' on new post-2020 Keis heated gloves look like?

Keis heated gloves power connector

This is to order a replacement or spare part, as all Keis heated gloves and heated boot insoles come with a supplied Y-connection lead.

This allows for the user to connect the Keis male plug (with the short section of cable) to a power output source (portable battery, vehicle power loom, or a power output plug inside a heated vest, bodywarmer or jacket) and divert the power into and through two lengths of cable to two separate Keis 'female' power output sockets. The two long cables are of a slightly different length. This provides approximately 40 cm more cable to the garment furthest from the power source.

These two output plugs can then be connected to a pair of new post-2020 heated gloves

Dimensions: 190 cm overall, short lead is 106 cm and long lead is 155 cm.


Using the Y-Lead to power your Keis Heated Gloves of Keis Heated Socks:


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