Keis Inspiring Riders 2022-2023

Keis Heated Apparel is looking for the UK and France’s most inspiring cold weather riders!

The aim of the Keis Inspiring Riders Challenge is to motivate motorcyclists to get out there and enjoy winter riding, with the right gear.
With more open roads and spectacular winter scenery, amazing adventures can be had!

These are the 2022-2023 Keis Inspiring Riders we are following

All 12 of these participants are competing to be crowned as this winter’s four most inspiring motorcycle riders.
Keis Inspiring Riders 2022 2023
For the ‘22 – ‘23 winter season, Keis are following a group of six French and six UK motorcycle digital personalities, as they share their interesting/funny/inspiring winter rides and trips. We will share these adventures with other motorcyclists across the UK and France, via Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

The 2022-2023 Keis most inspiring winter motorcycle riders are... 

A very big congratulations to:

Keis inspiring heated clothing motorcyclist
Keis inspiring heated clothing motorcyclist      
Keis heated clothing motorcyclist
Keis heated clothing motorcycles


What they have won?

Norway on dirt trails
The four most inspiring riders will get to enjoy an incredible Norwegian experience, which includes flights, hotel accommodation, motorcycle hire, all meals and a support team. In addition, Keis will also have a film crew joining the experience to capture the inspiring rider's Norwegian bucket-list adventure. All they’ll need is their amazing personality, riding gear, a valid passport and a taste for a unique NORWAY adventure!



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