Here are a series of short "How to" videos which show the functionality and ease-of-use built into the range of Keis heated garments and accessories.
If you wish to know how a Keis heated garment, battery pack, or power controller, operates, please scroll down to the most relevant video/s below.


A quick introduction to Keis heated clothing for motorcyclists and outdoor leisure activities.
How does Keis heated clothing work?


Except for those described as "Leisure" products by name, all Keis heated garments are supplied with a motorcycle power lead.

This video shows how the motorcycle power lead is connected to your motorcycle battery.Please Note: Avoid routing the power supply lead in such a ways as to make direct contact with hot surfaces, like your motorcycle engine and exhaust.

You can also power most of your Keis heated garments from a Keis portable battery pack.

These Keis 12V Portable Batteries are a great alternative to power your heated garment. You enjoy increased flexible (away from a vehicle) when powering a Keis heated vest, bodywarmers, insoles, socks, set of inner or outer gloves with a portable battery pack, but the high power of a Keis heated jacket or trouser (when on full power) will result in a very short battery capacity. As such we advise that a portable battery is not very practical for powering a heated jacket or trouser. This advise excludes the Keis Heated Leisure Puffer Jacket, which has been designed for great use with a Keis 12V Portable Battery.

In addition to the 2600mAh and 5200mAh battery packs, Keis has launched the new 2000mAh Glove Battery Packs for the G301, G601, and G701 Motorcycle Heated Gloves. 

There a tree types of heated gloves from Keis Apparel:

  • heated Leisure Gloves, which come with a set of Glove Batteries and a battery charge;
  • Keis heated Inner Gloves, which are designed to be worn underneath outer gloves - whether a motorcycle or other type of active outdoor (like skiing or horse riding) or a general winter outdoor glove; and
  • the Keis range of leather and textile Motorcycle Gloves. All EU PPE certified for high standards of safety and durability, and pack with special feathers designed for motorcyclists - like a scaphoid guard and visor wipe on the left index finger.

Powering and operating the Keis Heated Leisure Gloves.

How to power the Keis heated Inner Gloves from a single Keis 12V Portable Battery Pack, or the supplied motorcycle power lead.
How to power your heated motorcycle gloves from a motorcycle power lead.
How to power your heated motorcycle gloves from a single Keis 12V Portable Battery Pack.
How to power your Keis heated motorcycle gloves from a set of Keis Glove Batteries.

Please note: The glove batteries shown below are the older gloves batteries. Keis has updated the Glove Batteries for 2021. they are now available as slimline, powerful 2000mAh glove batteries, that slip into each glove's cuff battery pocket (the the model of gloves feature a battery pocket, like the G301, G601, and G701 models), and connects to the glove via a revised, smaller connect socket.
How to power your Keis heated gloves from a Keis Heated Jacket (excluding the Keis Leisure Puffer Jacket).
How to power your Keis heated gloves from a Keis Heated Vest or Heated Bodywarmer.

Without a power controller, your Keis jacket, bodywarmer, vest, and trousers will default to the highest power setting when connected to a 12V power source. This produces the highest level of heat from the garment. Some Keis garments, like the motorcycle gloves and leisure products, feature integrated power controllers. Optional Keis Power Controllers are available for the Keis Heated Vest, Heated Bodywarmer, and the Keis Heated Trousers. A Keis Power Controller is recommended for best operation of the Keis Heated Jacket, as the default highest power setting (when used without a power controller) may be too warm for some situations. 
Power Controllers are available in three variants: 

  • Keis Light-Duty Power Controller, which is an optional controller for low power garments, like the Heated Inner Gloves, Heated Socks, and Heated Insoles. These garments can be comfortably worn without using a Light Power Controller, but the option is yours.
  • The standard Keis Power Controller is the most popular controller, and can be used on any Keis heated garment that does not already contain an integrated power controller.
  • And the new-for-2021 Keis Bluetooth Power Controller. This offers the same feathers as the standard power controller, but can also be paired to a smartphone and operated via the Keis iControl App.

How to connect and operate your Keis Power Controller in regards to a Keis Heated Jacket, Heated Vest, or Heated Bodywarmer.

Using a Keis Power Controller for the Keis Heated Trousers.
What is the Keis Bluetooth Power Controller?
See here for the full instructions on setting up and using the Keis Bluetooth Power Controller.
How to power a Keis Heated Jacket, Vest or Bodywarmer from a Keis motorcycle power lead.
How to power a Keis Heated Vest or Bodywarmer from a Keis 12V Portable Battery Pack.Powering and operating the Keis Heated Leisure Puffer Jacket.
How to power your Keis Heated Trousers from a motorcycle power lead.
How to power the Keis Heated Trousers from a Keis Heated Jacket, Vest, or Bodywarmer.
How to power the Keis Heated Socks or Heated Insoles from a motorcycle power lead.
How to power the Keis Heated Socks or Insoles from the Keis Heated Trousers.
With the exception of the Keis heated Leisure garments, the Keis garments can be connected to each other so that a combination of Keis heated garments can be powered from one power lead. 


If you have any questions that are not covered in these 'How to' videos, please contact the the distributor in your country, or the global Keis Apparel support team here.

Warm regards.

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