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Keep your legs nice and cosy with the latest Keis Heated Trousers

Keis Heated Trousers T103RP have clever, strategically positioned heated panels to keep your legs warm as the temperatures plummet.

Worn as an under-trouser, they utilise Micro Alloy-Fibre Technology, offering lightweight comfort together with breathability. Our T103RP Heated Trousers provide a controller connection flap, giving you and ability to connect either a standard Keis Power Controller or a Keis Bluetooth Power Controller.

Note: A Power Controller is not supplied with your Keis T103RP Heated Trouser. Please add one to your order if you wish to vary the power setting.


The Keis heated trousers included: 


See here for the Keis Apparel Heated Clothing Instructions Manual





Size guide

Keis heated trousers are available in these sizes:

- Trousers 48 (85CM/34IN) - S
- Trousers 50 (90CM/36IN) - M
- Trousers 52 (95CM/38IN) - L
- Trousers 54 (100CM/40IN) - XL
- Trousers 56 (105CM/42IN) - XXL
- Trousers 58 (110CM/44IN) - XXXL

See here for a size guide.

Not sure which size will best fit you? No problem.

We have an easy solution. This Keis Apparel website offers FREE UK return postage for any item purchased from this website, within 30 days. 
Please note: As of this time this service is only possible for returns coming from the United Kingdom, not for any other country.

So if you are unsure what size will best fit you, you can simply order more than one size, then return the one/s that do not fit using our COLLECT+ free return service within 30 days, and we will credit you for the returned items.

Go to the Keis Apparel website UK returns page here.



  • Power Controller connection for the attachment of any of the Keis Power Controllers, such as the standard Keis Power Controller or the Keis Bluetooth Power Controller (for remote control). 
  • Black with a red piping running down the outside of each leg.
  • Micro Alloy-Fibre Technology for extreme comfort and reliability.
  • Breathable lightweight soft shell fabric front with lightweight rear panels and an elasticated waist provide a perfect fit.
  • Strategically positioned heat panels provide maximum effect.
  • Complete with all required wiring and full easy to follow instructions.
  • Current Draw 3.3A. Typical Power 39W. Please note: This may vary, depending on the size of the garment.
  • Available in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL




    Approx. Current:


    Typical Power:



    94% Polyester, 6% Spandex


    100% Polyester


    *Please note: This may vary, depending on the size of the garment.


    Connect & power

    Connecting the supplied motorcycle power lead is quick and easy.

    Please Note: 

    Due to the 3.3A high current draw, we do not recommend the the powering of the heated trousers via a portable battery, as the battery will only have a short life if the trousers are set on full power. We suggest connecting your heated trousers to your vehicle battery - either via the supplied vehicle battery power lead, or connect the trousers to a Keis heated upper-body garment (jacket, bodywarmer or vest) which then connects to the vehicle via its vehicle power lead. 

    Connecting and using an optional Keis Power Controller with your Keis Heated Trousers. 

    Powering your Keis Heated Trousers from your Keis Heated Jacket, Vest, or Bodywarmer.

    Connecting Keis Heated Socks or Boot Insoles to your Keis Heated Trousers.

    Please note: If you are planning on connecting your Keis T103 Heated Trousers to a set of Keis S102 Heated Insoles, you will need a set of male-to-male connection adaptors.  You do not need these adaptors if your plan to connect your Keis T103 Heated Trousers to the new Keis S302 Heated Socks


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews

    love this item could have done with a size up though


    Used these a few times now and not only do they fit perfect, but they keep me warm and when used with the controller they keep me just right no matter how long the ride.

    Pierre C
    Well made but far from perfect

    Keis's heated pants are really, really well made. I would not be shocked if these pants truly lasted as long as a solid pair of blue jeans, and given that you are only wearing them one season out of four (unlike said jeans), you'll have them for life.

    The heated panels also heat up instantaneously and work incredibly well.

    But would I buy again? Probably not. Three criticisms:

    1) Keis's connectors are proprietary to Keis, meaning that you need all Keis gear or none at all.

    2) While the heat is great, the location of the panels is not that well thought out. To make the pants comfortable and to keep the heating panels close against the skin, Keis made the back half of the pants a stretchy material. This means that your lower back and your hips get no heat at all. In other words, the parts of your body that tend to get coldest on a motorcycle due to lack of wind protection relative to your knees, gets coldest.

    3) The panels tend to slide inwards, heating your inner leg and thighs. Again, it's the outer side of our legs that need heating. If you've ever ridden a bike with a hot engine, you know that it gets nice and toasty on the inside side of your legs. It's the outside that needs the additional heat.

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