G601 Leather Heated Touring Gloves

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The G601 Heated Motorcycle Gloves have been our best-selling leather motorcycle touring glove 

Our G601 Heated Motorcycle Gloves have been specially designed to offer exceptional feel of the controls and dexterity, but with the added benefit of a micro carbon fibre heating panel across the back of the hands and over the top of the fingers. These gloves feature a thicker layer of 3M Thinsulate to offer improved warmth distribution throughout the glove, especially across the back of the hand and the fingers, together with hardened knuckle protection.

Certified EU PPE Level 2 KP

These motorcycle gloves would suit the rider who enjoys riding throughout the cold WINTER months

Using the latest technology in heat generation, the G601 gloves can be powered from a 12V vehicle battery (cables supplied), one of our optional Battery Packs, or the specially designed Glove Batteries what fit into the cuff pocket of each glove.

Included with these motorcycle gloves are: (in all various options)


See here for the Keis Apparel Heated Clothing Instructions Manual




Size Guide

Motorcycle Glove Sizes:

- Glove size 5 - XXXS
- Glove size 6 - XXS
- Glove size 7 - XS
- Glove size 8 - S
- Glove size 9 - M
- Glove size 10 - L
- Glove size 11 - XL
- Glove size 12 - XXL
- Glove size 13 - XXXL

keis heated motorcycle gloves size guide 

Not sure which size will best fit you? No problem.

We have an easy solution. This Keis Apparel website offers FREE UK return postage for any item purchased from this website, within 30 days. 
Please note: As of this time this service is only possible for returns coming from the United Kingdom, not for any other country.

So if you are unsure what size will best fit you, you can simply order more than one size, then return the one/s that do not fit using our COLLECT+ free return service within 30 days, and we will credit you for the returned items.

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All Keis motorcycle gloves have been designed specifically for motorcycling in cold weather, and are fully certified to the new EU PPE Regulation 13594:2015.

For your safety try and avoid illegal motorcycle gloves. All UK legal motorcycle gloves must be clearly marked as certified EU PPE compliment, and provide an EU PPE Declaration of Conformity, which you are able to download if you wish.

EU PPE Level 2 KP


See here for the current EU Declaration of Conformity.
See the EU PPE Level 2 Test Result Certification.
See here for the current UKCA Declaration of Conformity.
Download the Keis Motorcycle Gloves EU PPE Regulations Instructions here.

Keis heated motorcycle gloves EU PPE certified


  • Independent, integral heat controller, positioned on the back of the wrist for easy operation when riding - whether you prefer to wear your gloves under or over your jacket sleeve cuffs.
  • Flexible hard armour across the knuckles, deliver the perfect balance between strong protection and all-day touring comfort
  • NEW Scaphoid guard, for maximum protection to the palm
  • Visor Wipe positioned on the left index finger.
  • 3M Thinsulate™ and Hipora™ waterproof membrane for premium water and wind protection
  • Conforms to the latest European PPE Directive EN 13594:2015, so you can be confident in their protective qualities. Read the PPE instructions here. 
    Please note: All personal protective equipment in Europe must clearly show whether they comply with the current PPE regulation via a label. A label showing 'CE approval' does not mean they are certified.  
  • The G601 gloves also feature a glove battery pocket built into the glove cuff. This provides the feature of being able to power the gloves via the optional portable glove batteries (one in each glove cuff battery pocket). See Keis Lithium Batteries for details.
  • Current Draw 1.6A. Typical Power 19.2W.
  • Available in sizes  5 (XXXS), 6 (XXS), 7 (XS), 8 (S), 9 (M), 10 (L), 11 (XL), 12 (XXL), 13 (XXXL).


Voltage: 12V
Approx. Current: 1.6A per pair*
Typical Power: 19.2W per pair*
Shell: Nylon and Leather
Lining: 100% Polyester


*Please note: This may vary, depending on the size of the garment.


The G601 Premium Heated Armoured Gloves come with the vehicle supply lead to power from a 12V motorcycle battery but can also be powered using our optional Gloves Batteries so you can use the gloves away from a motorcycle in other outdoor activities. This is an optional extra. 


Connect & power

Power these heated motorcycle gloves from the motorcycle or via a Keis heated upper-body garment (a Keis heated jacket, bodywarmer, or vest)

Using the latest technology in heat generation, the G601 gloves can be powered from a 12V vehicle battery (cables supplied), from the power leads connected from a Keis Heated Bodywarmer or Vest, directly from a Keis Heated Jacket with power output leads built into each jacket arm, or the specially designed Glove Batteries what fit into the cuff pocket of each glove.

The G601 Premium Leather Heated Gloves come with the vehicle supply lead to power from a 12V motorcycle battery. 

Connecting the supplied motorcycle power lead is quick and easy.

Please Note: All our Gloves come complete with everything required to power them independently from a motorcycle.  However, our Heated Vests and Bodywarmers incorporate integrated power sockets specifically to power Keis Heated Gloves using optional connection leads. Our Keis Heated Jacket will also power our Heated Gloves via a lead in the sleeves.

Powering your heated gloves from the supplied motorcycle power lead

Powering your heated gloves from an optional single Portable Battery Pack

Powering your heated gloves from the optional Keis Glove Battery Set

The optional Keis 12V Glove Batteries can be installed into the battery pockets of each glove, and connected to the glove's power input plug.

Powering your heated gloves from a Keis heated vest, or heated Bodywarmer

This would require the purchase of a 'Glove to Vest/Bodywarmer Power Lead set' which is not supplied with your gloves.

Powering your Keis Heated Motorcycle Gloves from a Keis Heated Jacket.

Cleaning Guidelines

  • Our recommended method for cleaning both our leather and fabric outer gloves is to wipe the outside of the gloves with a cloth moistened with a solution prepared from S100 Technical Fabric and Leather Wash.
  • Repeat, rinsing and wringing out the cloth regularly in clean solution until the gloves appear clean.
  • Wipe over with a cloth moistened in plain water and allow to dry thoroughly at room temperature.
  • Finally apply S100 reproofing Spray for Fabric and Leather.  We do not recommend immersion in water or washing in a washing machine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Keis vs Gerbing

Was debating between the Keis G01 and the Gerbing. Went with the Keis as it appeared to have better protection for the crash/slide. Also has separate temperature control on the glove itself. Fits my hand according to the size chart.

Mikko Nieminen
new G601 gloves

These gloves really help make winter riding more enjoyable and the excellent battery life means that you don't have to faff with wires

Keis vest and gloves

Overall the Keis vest and gloves are excellent items for winter riding. They keep you warm when nothing else works, they are well made and wearing them feels pretty much like wearing any other motorcycle kit


Look and feel like no other heated gloves I've ever worn

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