Stromversorgungskabel für beheizbare Kleidung – OptiMate SAE-zu-Keis-Netzstecker

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Verwandeln Sie Ihren OptiMate SAE-Netzkabelstecker in einen Keis-Netzstecker für beheizbare Kleidung

Sorgt für den Stromanschluss von einem Fahrzeug, das mit dem aktuellen SAE OptiMate (oder ähnlichem) Ladekabel ausgestattet ist, zum Stromanschluss von beheizbaren Keis-Kleidungsstücken oder Kleidungsstücken.

Dieses Netzkabel wird mit einem Keis-Sicherungskasten und einer Auswahl verschiedener Sicherungen geliefert.

Teilenummer: W54-370247

Customer Reviews

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Works well

Gordon Weir
Optimate Adaptor

This adaptor makes plugging into my permanently attached Optimate charging lead very easy and convenient, to power my Keis jacket and gloves. The inline fuse is usefully located, and saves having to remove the seat to change the fuse if required (especially when there is limited space under the seat available). The adaptor lead is a bit longer than I expected, but I just tuck the excess cable up underneath my jacket, out of the way -and it's better to be a bit long rather than too short.

Anthony Boyle
Above and Behond Customer Service

Thanks Barry for sorting my unused Jacket 3yrs out of warranty I can't recommend Keis enough.

Richard Smith
Very useful connector

I have just bought another connector lead so that I have one on each of my bikes. They connect to my Optimate charger leads, which are permanently connected to the battery, to give a direct power source. In this way I can locate the Keis connection between the front of the seat and the tank for easy on bike connection. Very simple to use!

Very glad to hear you are enjoying the convenience of the SAE to Keis Power Lead.

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