Beheizte Kleidung (optional) Leistungsregler

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Keis beheizter Kleidungsleistungsregler

Wasserfester (Ingress Protection Rating: IP65) Leistungsregler (manchmal auch als "Wärmeregler" bezeichnet) mit Stromüberlastschutz.

Für die ultimative Flexibilität ist unser neuer Leistungsregler ein „konstanter“ Leistungsregler, der kleine Eingangsspannungs- und Stromschwankungen intelligent glättet und es Ihnen ermöglicht, die Leistungseinstellung jedes beheizbaren Keis-Kleidungsstücks zuverlässig zu steuern zu einer Stromaufnahme von 10A.

Hauptmerkmale des Leistungsreglers für beheizbare Keis-Kleidung:

  • Konstantleistungsregler.
  • Drei Heizstufen mit LED-Anzeige: 33 % (grün), 66 % (gelb) und 100 % (rot).
  • Wasserfest (Ingress Protection Rating: IP65)
  • 10A Stromüberlastschutz.

Verbinden und Verwenden eines optionalen Keis-Leistungsreglers mit Ihrer Keis-Heizweste, Damen-Bodywarmer oder -Jacke.

Laden Sie die Bedienungsanleitung für den Keis Heat (Power) Controller herunter. 

Bitte beachten Sie: Der Keis Heat Power Controller kann nicht in Reihe mit anderen integrierten (wie bei den beheizbaren Keis-Motorradhandschuhen) oder externen Controllern verwendet werden.

Teilenummer: W54-371220

Customer Reviews

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john Wynn
Ride and be happy

Heated clothing has transformed motorcycling for me, liberating me from the tyranny of the weather to be able not just to bear, but to enjoy riding all winter. But then again, that's what it is supposed to do and that is what one pays for. It seems one gets good value for money and Keis' customer service is exemplary. The heating elements of the 501 jacket perform well. The heat controller is dependable, the warning lights are very helpful and the structure is robust. It would help if the control button were larger and protruded more from the body thereby rendering it easier to use with thick gloves. The heated glove-liners are under-powered and I note that they have only 12W against the full glove's 18W. I have, therefore, abandoned the glove-liners in favour of heated grips. As a garment, the 501 jacket is sub-optimal because the sizing/fitting does not cover a sufficient range of body types. There isn't a slim-fit version, essentially the jacket seems ideal for someone with narrow shoulders and large belly and this can't possibly suit everyone. In conclusion, very good indeed with a little room for improvement. Buy the jacket so it fits across your shoulders and have it taken-in by a tailor to fit your gut if necessary; ride and be happy.

John watts
Keiss jacket and gloved

Absolute necessity for me in cold weather as I suffer with white finger at the slightest drop in temperature
Better than heated grips as they only concentrate on your palms whereas the heated gloves go completely around the fingers
You need to be toasty when riding so you can concentrate on operating the bike


Easily controls my vest


Brilliant product


Great product, funky look compared to older item

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