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Keis Inspiring Riders 2022-23

Keis Inspiring Riders 2022-2023

Keis Heated Apparel is looking for the UK and France’s most inspiring cold weather riders!

The aim of the Keis Inspiring Riders Challenge is to motivate motorcyclists to get out there and enjoy winter riding, with the right gear.
With more open roads and spectacular winter scenery, amazing adventures can be had!
Norway motorcycle riding
For the ‘22 – ‘23 winter season, Keis will be following a group of 12 selected Anglo/French motorcycle digital personalities, as they share their interesting/funny/inspiring winter rides and trips. We will share these adventures with other motorcyclists across the UK and France, via Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
The 4 most inspiring riders from the selected finalists will win a unique all-expenses paid trip to NORWAY.
Norway on dirt trails
The 2022-2023 Keis Inspiring Riders Challenge commences this November, with all of the finalists contending to be selected as this winter’s most inspiring motorcycle riders.
The four most inspiring riders will get to enjoy an incredible Norwegian experience, which includes flights, hotel accommodation, motorcycle hire, all meals and a support team. In addition, Keis will also have a professional film crew team joining the experience to capture the winner’s bucket-list adventure. All they’ll need is their inspiring personality, riding gear, a valid passport and a taste for a unique NORWAY adventure!


How it works:

  1. This challenge runs form the 1st November 2022 to the 15th of March 2023.
  2. From the 1st to the 25th of October 2022, motorcycle influencers will be invited to enter the 2022-2023 Keis Inspiring Riders challenge.
  3. Finalists will be selected and notified by the 31st of October 2022.
  4. Each Finalist will be provided with some Keis heated motorcycle clothing and accessories, free of charge.
  5. Using their own social media channels, the Finalists will be challenged to show the motorcycle riding public why they should be selected as one of the most inspiring cold weather riders in the United Kingdom and France, while tagging Keis Apparel’s social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube) into each post - the tags will be provided.
  6. Whether it is a piece of content showing an interesting location to ride, opinions on motorcycles and motorcycle accessories, riding skills, cold weather riding tips… hacks… or unique experiences… we want to hear it all. Hopefully your posts can inspire other motorcycles to get out and enjoy the many amazing pleasures of being an active motorcyclist all year round, even when it gets cold!
  7. The finalists can choose which of their social media channels they think would best reach the motorcycle public (remembering to tag Keis’s social media channels with their content) no matter how humble or impressive their social media following may be at the start of the winter. It is the finalist, and their content, that can inspire, not the size of their initial social media following. To help the finalists reach greater audiences and grow their social presence, Keis Apparel will share all the greatest weekly content across various social media platforms, to reach as many fellow UK and French motorcyclists as possible. Interesting content for anyone who enjoys motorcycling, and great exposure for the selected finalists.
  8. While it is all up to the individual, we would suggest each finalist aims to produce content as often as possible throughout the winter season… Whether it is an inspiring image, an interesting selfie; commentary on a topical issue; or an inspiring short video of their winter riding… We look forward to getting to know them and their love for motorcycling all year round.
  9. Keis Apparel encourages all the finalists to be safe at all times. To never to do anything that may cause any danger to themselves or someone else. To respect all other motorists, and UK and European Road Safety laws and guidelines, always.
  10. The Keis Inspiring Riders Finalists will not only enjoy the use of their provided Keis heated clothing and accessories for their cold weather riding experiences but will also benefit from many more potential social media followers and admirers by the end of this challenge. Perfect for current or aspiring motorcycle influencers.
  11. Between the 15th and the 31st of March 2023 four winners will be awarded by the Keis Apparel Inspiring Riders Judging Panel. 

The Judging Criteria at the end of March 2023

While Keis Apparel believes that all the finalists will inspire us all to ride more in some way this winter - and all the finalists would great positive advocates for the growing winter motorcycle communities - unfortunately, Keis will need to eventually select four of the most inspiring riders.

There were five content criteria that each finalist will be judged by:

  1. Engagement: (a value out of 20). To what extent (quantity) had a finalist’s winter-riding content engaged UK viewers/readers? Were their followers liking and commenting on the posts and were the finalists responding to them, e.g. answering any questions or being brand advocates themselves.
  2. Inspiration: (a value out of 20). How well did the finalist's content succeed in making their audience feel like they wanted to get out and ride during our winter season?
  3. Originality: (a value out of 20). Whether it was the concept, or the context. A unique idea, or a fresh new angle. Did the Keis Inspiring Rider create any original content? Any original ideas that fitted their platform, following and influencer style.
  4. Quality: (a value out of 20). In comparison with most user-produced motorcycle content, had the Keis Inspiring Rider managed to provide a high level of finish to their winter riding content? High quality images or well put together and edited videos, well written captions or pieces.
  5. Informative: (a value out of 20). Did a Keis Inspiring Rider's audience learn something new or interesting about a relevant aspect of motorcycling in the winter season? Whether about motorcycles, gear, riding, routes, etc.

The panel of judges will independently awarded each finalist a score per criteria, which combine to represent a numeric value of how inspiring each finalist had been this winter (1st November 2022 to 15th March 2023),

Early in April, four finalists will be crowned as the 2022 to 2023 Most Inspiring Winter Riders, in the UK and France.

Do you wish to take part?

If you have received your invitation to be selected as a finalist, please let us know your interest by completing the form below.

We will confirm your participation before the 1st of November 2022.