Keis Apparel Christmas Gift Guide

When riding in winter, riders are exposed to all sorts of weather conditions and it’s easy to quickly become uncomfortable if you’re not wearing the right kit. Heated clothing, such as jackets and gloves provides an adjustable source of warmth, which not only makes winter riding more enjoyable, but also safer.  

Looking for Christmas gifts and not sure where to start? We’ve put together a list of our top selling products for the winter rider in your life.

UltraFlex Jacket - £220


Our newest release, the UltraFlex is designed for riders who want heat, but don’t like bulk. This jacket has a much thinner material than our J501 and J505 jackets and is designed to be worn between the rider’s base layer and their outer motorcycle jacket. Heated clothing ideally needs to be snug, so the UltraFlex offers a 4-way stretch, allowing the material to align comfortably with the rider.

J505 Extreme Jacket - £240

The J505 Extreme Jacket is our most popular jacket and if your motorcycle fanatic likes to ride in extreme cold conditions, this jacket is ideal. With 25% more heating capacity, this jacket is made with the latest Micro Carbon Fibre heat pads, for advanced heat radiation, providing an even layer of heat across the chest, back, arms and collar areas.

B501 Ladies Bodywarmer - £160

The B501 Ladies Bodywarmer has the same features as the Heated Vest, but is fitted specifically for women. It also features a heated collar and is ideal for both on the bike and off, with the capacity to be heated by a portable battery, with an even layer of heat targeting the chest and back.  

Leisure Puffer Jacket - £260

This jacket is designed as leisure wear and emits some seriously comfortable heat. Although in our motorcycle range, this jacket is really designed for anyone outside in the cold. Powered by a portable battery (included!) this jacket provides between 2-6 hours of heat (depending on the users chosen power setting) and features a generous layer of lightweight 3M Thinsulate, featherless insulation which helps trap body heat, retaining warmth whilst allowing any inside moisture to escape.

G601 Gloves - £210

These heated touring gloves are one of our best sellers and it’s easy to see why. Comfortable and robust, these gloves are great for all riders, but are our most suitable gloves for urban riders. Offering unparalleled control of the bike, these gloves seamlessly move with the hand, ensuring riders maintain absolute control at all times. This sets them apart from other gloves on the market, making them the top choice for riders seeking both comfort and precise control during their urban journeys.

Using the latest technology in heat generation, the G601 gloves can be powered from a 12V vehicle battery (cables supplied), one of our optional Battery Packs, or the specially designed Glove Batteries what fit into the cuff pocket of each glove.

G701S Shorty Gloves - £190

These gloves offer a shorter cuff alternative to our standard G701 Gloves, featuring a streamlined design without the battery pocket. This makes them ideal for riders who prefer to power their gloves directly from the motorcycle power lead or connect them to a Keis heated jacket, or glove and vest power leads. The shorter cuff ensures easy fitting under tighter motorcycle jacket cuffs, catering to riders seeking a seamless and powered riding experience.

G801 Leisure Gloves  - £165

Alongside the Keis Puffer Jacket, these gloves are perfect for leisure winter use and come with a set of glove batteries and charger. A special micro carbon fibre heating panel across the back of the gloves and over the top of the fingers guarantees warm, toasty hands, however bitter the weather.


Heated Socks - £90

As a lot of riders will be quick to tell you, when we’re exposed to the cold, our body automatically begins to reduce circulation to extremities, meaning that hands and feet are susceptible to chill. And when our feet are cold, our ride can get a lot more uncomfortable.

These socks are great for riding in cold weather and are designed to be worn between a pair of normal socks and whatever bike boots the rider wears. A Y-lead is provided to run down each leg, connecting to the right and left heated sock and combining into a single power input lead.

Gift Card - £10-£200

Still not totally sure what’s what? We also offer Gift Cards from £10-£200 which are valid for 1 year from date of purchase.