New Keis Heated Jacket with UltraFlex

Relief from even the worst winter chill is now within reach of year-round riders, thanks to the latest innovation from Keis - the J601RP UltraFlex Heated Jacket.

This mid-layer garment combines in-house developed fabric technology and their proven Micro Carbon Heat elements, for maximum comfort and heating efficiency. Keis-Developed

New Keis Heated Jacket with UltraFlex

UltraFlex Technology

The Jacket is made from a unique material called UltraFlex. Developed by Keis, UltraFlex fulfils the three most important elements a heated motorcycle mid-layer must have:

  1. For maximum efficiency, heated clothing needs to be pressed gently against the body - too tight and it can cause sores, too loose and it is less effective;
  2. Motorcycle mid-layers need to be flexible, so they don't restrict movement on the bike or create tight spots, affecting blood flow;
  3. The fabric should not be bulky, so it takes up minimal space under riding jackets.

UltraFlex is made from a combination of 85% Chinlon and 15% Spandex. Commonly used in activewear, Chinlon is a synthetic, lightweight material known for its strength and durability. It also has a smooth, soft texture and can wick away moisture, making it an ideal choice for a motorcycle mid-layer. Adding Spandex creates exceptional elasticity, and provides a generous four-way stretch. It helps mould the garment to the wearer’s body for a snug fit, without restricting movement.

Tried and Tested Heat Technology

Micro Carbon Fibre heating panels deliver consistent warmth without the weight and bulk often associated with heated garments. Panels on the front, back and sleeves deliver infrared heat to the body's core. Additional sections in the collar provide welcome relief to the neck, which is often left exposed to the cold in the gap between helmet and riding jacket. The panels are washable and are so reliable that Keis offers a lifetime warranty on them.

Power on Tap

The Keis UltraFlex Jacket produces 65W of heating power. The level of heat it delivers is set using a Keis Heavy Duty Controller, which for a limited time comes free with the J601RP.

Supplied with everything needed to run directly from a motorcycle or scooter’s 12v battery, current draw is low (5.4A), so it won’t overload the charging system. Should the rider prefer, it can also be powered via the Keis Cigarette Lighter/DIN Power Supply Lead (an optional accessory).

Available in unisex sizes 2XS-3XL, the Keis J601RP UltraFlex Heated Jacket can be found here. Alongside the lifetime warranty on the heating elements, the jacket itself is also covered by a two-year warranty.

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