New Heated Bodywarmer with UltraFlex

Keis Apparel, the UK’s leading provider of heated motorcycle clothing, has launched the next generation of its heated bodywarmer, incorporating UltraFlex technology.

Featuring tried and trusted micro carbon fibre heating panels, the new Heated Bodywarmer has a luxurious, elasticated outer shell, for maximum comfort and superior heating efficiency. The unique UltraFlex material provides generous elastic 4-way stretch, moulding the garment to the wearer’s body contours for a snug fit, without restricting movement.

Keis developed UltraFlex specifically for motorcycle mid-layers, so that riders can enjoy riding safely in colder environments;

  1. For maximum efficiency, heated clothing needs to be pressed gently against the body. Too tight and it can cause sores, too loose and it is less effective.
  2. Motorcycle mid-layers need to be flexible, so they don't restrict movement on the bike or create tight spots, affecting blood flow.
  3. The fabric should not be bulky, so it takes up minimal space under riding jackets.

The unique fabric technology is created from a combination of 85% Chinlon and 15% Spandex. Commonly used in activewear, Chinlon is a synthetic, lightweight material known for its strength and durability. Combining a smooth, soft texture and an ability to wick away moisture, it is an ideal choice for clothing that needs to be breathable and comfortable. Adding Spandex creates exceptional elasticity, so the garments fit snugly, but without pressure.

With heating panels in the chest, back, and collar, the Keis UltraFlex Heated Bodywarmer produces 41W (3.4A) of heating power - almost three times more than previous models.

It is designed to be powered direct from a motorcycle battery and a wiring loom is included.

Available in all sizes from 2XS up to 3XL, the Keis B601RP UltraFlex Heated Bodywarmer retails for £180 (including VAT) and is currently supplied with a free Keis Power Controller, worth £38.

Keis offers a lifetime warranty on the heating element within all its heated garments and a two-year warranty on all clothing products. For more information, please click here

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