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What is Far Infra Red technology?

Imagine being in the sun on a cold day; the warmth seems to penetrate your body. The air temperature may be zero, but you remain warm at least until the sun goes in. That’s Far Infrared. Compare that to being in a warm room where it’s the air that keeps you warm. Keis technology is designed to deliver Far Infrared reliably, effectively and as efficiently as possible.

How is the heat produced?

Fine yet incredibly rugged micro carbon and alloy fibre elements, strategically placed within the garments, provide a lightweight, flexible Far Infrared source with a long service life, offering extreme comfort.

How long is the warranty on Keis products?

  • LIFETIME warranty on all heating elements (for products bought on or after September 2014)
  • Keis Heated Apparel provides a two-year warranty on all products, excluding battery packs
  • All Keis portable battery packs come with a 180-day warranty

Register your Keis garment for your Lifetime Warranty on its heating element.  See here

Keis heated clothing lifetime warranty

Please note: Due to the nature of electronic devices, the replacement of any internal fuses as a result of a user plugging the garment into a faulty connection, power supply, or into other garment (Keis Apparel or other brand), may not be covered within the Warranty policy.

Not sure which size will best fit you? No problem.

We have an easy solution. This Keis Apparel website offers FREE UK return postage for any garment purchased from this website, within 30 days. 
Please note: As of this time this service is only possible for returns coming from the United Kingdom, not for any other country.

So if you are unsure what size will best fit you, you can simply order more than one size, then return the one/s that do not fit using our COLLECT+ free return service within 30 days, and we will credit you for the returned items.

Go to the Keis Apparel website UK returns page here.

Is heated clothing safe to use?

  • All Keis Heated Apparel products are fully tested and proven to keep you warm. However, your skin is a sensitive organ and can blister at temperatures as low as 44°C. Our products must be used strictly in accordance with the instructions. Failure to do so can result in burns, serious injury or even death.

  • ALWAYS ensure a correct fit. Tight fitting garments, or circumstances that cause a similar effect (like leaning hard against a back rest or wearing a very tight backpack), that press the heating systems hard against the skin, can cause burns.

  • NEVER wear heated clothing directly against your skin; always use a base layer. (This excludes the use of heated gloves.)

  • DO NOT use for prolonged periods, particularly at high power and/or at ambient temperatures above 5°C

  • ALWAYS use the lowest possible setting for comfort.

  • ALWAYS observe any product-specific instructions either attached to or accompanying the garment.

  • DO NOT use when wet. This includes excessive sweat.

  • Be aware: DISCONTINUE USE IMMEDIATELY at any sense of discomfort.

  • DO NOT use this product if you suffer from heightened or impaired temperature sensitivity or circulatory problems. If in doubt, consult your doctor.

  • Not suitable for young children.

  • NEVER leave Keis garments unattended when switched on.

  • Keis products are only suitable for use with the Keis 12V battery pack, or on 12V vehicles. Be aware that electrical faults could lead to a vehicle running at considerably more than 12V. Check the system, and if in doubt use a Keis battery pack. Please note: if you’re aware that your vehicle is producing considerably more than 12V, we would advise you to speak to your vehicle manufacturer’s dealership in order to remedy the problem, and/or buy a voltage regulator.

  • DO NOT modify or disassemble any part of the systems in any way.

  • Only use Keis Genuine Accessories.

  • If you power a garment using any of the optional portable battery packs, ALWAYS remove Li-Ion battery packs from garments when not in use.

  • Check garments and cables regularly for signs of wear and fatigue. Do not use if the product is visually damaged.

  • Unless otherwise stated, Keis garments are not designed to provide crash protection.

  • DO NOT allow the garment to remain in precisely the same position on any part of your body (particularly your hands) for periods of more than 20 minutes. Always ensure that there is sufficient movement to reposition the heating panels on the body to some extent to help avoid localised overheating. Blistering of the skin can occur if this warning is not heeded.

    See further information here.

Can I use a Keis garment if a have a medical condition or a medical device (e.g. a pacemaker)?

While we have not had a negative experience, or been made aware of someone's negative experience, while using a Keis heated garment or accessory and having a pre-existing medical condition or medical device, we are not qualified to provide you with medical advice. We suggest you consult your relevant medical practitioner if you have any concerns.   

Order a plug adaptor


Have you bought your Keis heated jacket and gloves before 2020? The jacket will have a power plug in the cuff of each arm to connect to the gloves’ power socket. 

In 2020 we switched things up. Now, all our gloves have power plugs (not sockets), and the jackets have power sockets (not plugs). So, if you want to connect a pre-2020 jacket or gloves to a post-2020 jacket or gloves, you’ll need to order a Keis power adaptor.

Keis Female-to-Female Adaptor, which converts a plug to a socket.

Keis Male-to-Male Adaptor, which converts a socket into a plug.

What about the power connection on the Glove Batteries?

Please be aware, all the 2020 to September 2021 Keis Glove Batteries feature the pre-2020 plug. As such, an adaptor is supplied with the Glove Batteries so that these glove batteries can be used with both the pre-2020 heated gloves (G502, G601, and G801 models) as well as the post-2020 updated G601 and the all-new G701 model. 
As of September 2021 the Keis Glove Batteries will feature the socket connection, which will connect to all post-2020 models of Keis heated Gloves without needing to make use of a connection adaptor.

How are the garments powered?

There are two Keis ranges: The majority of Keis heated garments are Dual Powered garments, and can be powered from portable Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries or an external power source, such as a vehicle battery. High Powered garments (currently only the J501 and J501RP heated jackets) require an external 12V source, such as a vehicle or stand-alone battery.

What is Dual Power?

Most Keis garments can be powered both from a 12V source, such as a vehicle battery, or from 12V Li-Ion Keis battery packs. We call these our ‘Dual Power’ products. Dual Powered products have the advantage of being used anywhere – and by managing multiple battery packs it’s possible to remain warm for long periods in any situation.

Keis heated clothing portable battery pack for vest

Can you explain the ‘Manage your fuses’ system?

Safety is paramount, so we’ve introduced a strict fuse management system that we call ‘Manage your Fuses'. All garments and accessories come complete with appropriate fusing, or a fuse pack, together with full instructions to guide you through this simple process.

keis heated clothing fuses

Can I power more than one Keis heated garment from a single power source (for example one motorcycle battery power lead)?

Yes. We’ve always strived to design the Keis range around our cold weather user. From fabrics to garment design, and from connectors to controls, everything centres on the user. As such, all Keis upper body garments (jackets, body warmers and vests) feature strategically positioned power sockets where you can connect other Keis garments. This means that while each Keis heated product can operate as an individual heated garment, you are able to connect your Keis heated gloves, heated trousers and/or heated boot insoles to your upper body heat garment. This means you can power all your Keis heated garments from one power connection to your power source (for example a motorcycle battery connection lead). 

Please Note: Avoid routing the power supply lead in such a ways as to make direct contact with hot surfaces, like your motorcycle engine and exhaust.

When choosing not to power your garment from a supplied vehicle battery lead, the Keis 2600mAh Battery is a recommended 12V portable battery for powering one heated garment only. When you have a need to power two heated garments, we advise using a supplied vehicle battery lead or the larger Keis 5200mAh Battery with increased capacity. If you wish to power more than two garments at the same time, we recommend drawing your power from your vehicle/motorcycle battery. 
The J501 and J501RP heated jackets should not be powered from any portable battery, as these jackets draw a current of 5.5A.

What if my power connections need an adaptor?

Pre-2020 Keis jackets feature a power plug positioned in the cuff of each arm to connect to the power socket in your pre-2020 Keis gloves. 

All post-2020 gloves have power plugs (not a socket), and the jackets now have power sockets in the cuff of each arm (not plugs).

As a result, if you want to connect a pre-2020 jacket or gloves to a post-2020 jacket or gloves, you’ll need a power adaptor, which can be found under the Accessories page. 

Will my motorcycle power my heated garments?

Most larger motorcycles will power any number of garments – for example jacket, trousers and gloves – without difficulty. However, for smaller bikes running a number of garments you should take the advice of your dealer or contact us directly, providing details of the motorcycle and the garments involved.

How long will the portable batteries last?

This depends entirely on the number of the garments powered, the power setting used and the battery condition. As a general guide, take the battery capacity in mAh and divide by 1,000. For example a 2600mAh battery is expressed as being 2.6 Ah. Then take the consumption of the garment and divide this into the battery capacity. If the garment draws 1A, the battery should last around 2.6 hours. Remember that, generally speaking, the controllers cut consumption by 33% on medium and 66% on low, so this will extend battery life accordingly.

Using the larger 5200Mah Battery pack, you could expect upwards of 5 hours of heat on a 1 Amp Garment. 

Why is it essential to use Keis Battery Packs when powering your Keis heated apparel from a portable battery?

Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) batteries can store enormous amounts of energy.  Even a relatively small device can deliver enough energy in one burst to start a car or to start a fire.

Therefore, it is essential that when deploying Li-ion batteries that they are accompanied by control circuits that monitor and control the delivery of this vast reservoir of energy.

Keis Battery Packs use only high-quality Li-Ion cells with sophisticated electronics that help protect the cells from short circuit, over discharge, overcharge and excessive temperature.  Not only do these circuits protect against the common dangers that can be experienced with Lithium cells, they also help extend the useful life of your Keis Battery Pack.  Lithium batteries are one of the best examples of ‘You get what you pay for’.

Why can't I use a portable battery pack on all Keis heated garments?

To maintain the safe working order of your portable battery, it is advised to avoid exceeding charging or draining the battery's capacity factor (C) by more than 60%. For the Keis 2600mAh Portable Battery this is 1.56A while for the Keis 5200mAh Portable Battery's this is 3.12A. When powering a combination of garments from the same portable battery, it is recommended that the user calculates the total amperage to make sure that the battery can accommodate this current draw.

Example: Determining the recommended portable battery to power a Keis V501RP Heated Vest and a Keis G701 Heated Gloves together, one adds the combined amperage:
(V501RP Vest) 1.5A + (G701 Gloves) 1.6A = 3.1A
In this example the Keis 5200mAh Portable Battery is recommended, as 60% of this battery's capacity factor is 3.12A.
The Keis 2600mAh Portable Battery (with a capacity factor of 2.6A) would be placed under strain when powering the above example of combined heated garments at full power (3.1A).

The Keis high-powered heated jackets, the J501 and J501RP Heated Jackets, draw much higher currents at full power. This exceeds the capacity factor of both the Keis 2600mAh Portable Battery and the Keis 5200mAh Portable Battery. As such, we recommend only powering these garments from a vehicle/motorcycle battery, via the vehicle power lead supplied.

How can I connect my Keis heated garment to my motorcycle?

All Keis garments come complete with a fused supply lead, designed to be connected across a 12V vehicle batteryCigarette lighter and Optimate lead adaptors are available for vehicles so equipped.

Please Note: Avoid routing the power supply lead in such a ways as to make direct contact with hot surfaces, like your motorcycle engine and exhaust.

In addition our ‘Dual Power’ products can be powered using optional Li-Ion Battery Packs that can be charged from the mains or vehicle.

Are there other, easier, ways to connect my Keis heated garment to my motorcycle battery?

There are two optional connectors available: a cigarette lighter-type plug, as available on some machines, or an Optimate (Ket or SAE) plug that can be connected to any pre-existing Optimate connector.

Do you sell extension cables?

Yes. There are both 300mm and 600mm extension leads that can be connected in series if necessary to provide a variety of solutions.

Am I likely to damage anything if I walk away from my motorcycle without unplugging the power first?

All Keis garments are fitted with friction connectors that pull apart when sufficient force is applied. No damage should occur when this force is applied.

Can I control the heat setting?

An optional heat controller is available, and some gloves have these as an integral part.

Important note: never use two controllers to control one garment – it won’t work!

Connecting and using an optional Keis Power Controller with your Keis Heated Jacket, Vest, or Ladies Bodywarmer.

The Controller is plugged into the Keis heated garment via the connection socket within the garment's controller pocket (front left panel).

Heated clothing heat controller

New for 2021, Keis have launched a Bluetooth Power Controller. This provides the same manual power control functions as the standard Keis Power Controller, but will also connect to a smartphone via the Keis iControl App (available for Apple and Android phones). This means you can then adjust the power setting directly from the App on your phone - controlling any garment plugged into a Keis Bluetooth Power Controller.

Can I wash my Keis heated garment?

Yes. One of the many advantages of Keis technology is that garments can be hand washed. Simply remove the battery packs, controllers and accessory leads and follow the care instructions that came with the garment.

What temperature will my Keis heated garments reach?

Different garments are designed to work at different temperatures. It’s also important to bear in mind that our Dual Powered body warmers have been specially designed to maintain the correct balance between the heat generated by the body and heat loss to the environment. They are not designed to ‘feel’ hot. Our High Powered garments, on the other hand, will almost always benefit from the use of the optional controller to provide optimum comfort.

Can I get spare parts?

Yes. Simply ask your dealer or contact us directly.

How long has the Keis Heated Apparel brand been around?

Since 2004, but the company’s founders have been heavily involved in the heated clothing sector for more than 30 years. 

Are Keis heated motorcycle gloves legal to use on European roads?

Yes. All Keis heated motorcycle gloves are fully certified to the new EU PPE Regulation 13594:2015.

Please note: the use of any motorcycle gloves that are not certified to this high safety and protective standard may result in potentially avoidable personal damage, and the issue of a spot fine by a member of the European traffic or police force. 

Keis heated motorcycle gloves PPE regulations

Download the Keis Motorcycle Gloves EU PPE Regulations Instructions here.

What are the dimensions and weights of the portable battery packs?

  • Glove Battery (one per glove) - 2000mAh - (W) 6 cm x (W) 4cm x (D) 1.5cm |  120 grams
  • Portable Battery Pack - 2600mAh – (H) 7cm x (W) 7cm x (D) 2cm |  180 grams
  • Portable Battery Pack - 5200mAh – (H) 14cm x (W) 8cm x (D) 2.5cm | 360 grams

Using Gift Cards

Can a gift card be used more than once?
Yes, provided there is still a balance remaining on the card.

Can more than one gift card be used towards a purchase?
Yes. A customer can redeem another gift card during checkout.

Can a gift card be used to buy a gift card?
No, you can't use a gift card to buy another gift card.

Can a gift card be used to pay for shipping and taxes?
Yes, gift cards are applied to the final order total which includes shipping and taxes.

Can gift cards be used in conjunction with a discount code?
Yes, gift cards are a form of payment.

Can I apply a refund to a gift card?
Yes. If your customer used a gift card to pay for the purchase, then you can apply the refund to the gift card.
If you only refund part of an order that was purchased using a gift card and other methods of payment, then you can manually change the refund amount that is applied to each payment method.

For any further technical or warranty questions, please email: 

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