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Heated Motorcycle Gloves - G701S 'Shorty' Bonded-Textile

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Keis Bonded-Textile Heated Motorcycle Gloves, With a shorter cuff - G701S

Due to popular demand, the successful Keis G701 Bonded-Textile Motorcycle Gloves are now available with a shorter, streamline cuff, without the battery pockets - the new G701S 'Shorty' Motorcycle Gloves. This provides a quality heated glove which is easier to fit underneath tight fitting motorcycle jacket cuffs, for the motorcyclists who chooses to power their heated gloves from the motorcycle battery power lead, or directly from a Keis heated jacket or glove/vest power leads.

Using the latest technology in both heat generation and all-weather comfort, our new G701S 'Shorty' Heated Motorcycle Gloves have a Ballistic Spandex outer shell with a semi bonded Hipora™ waterproof and breathable membrane for outstanding comfort and performance in all conditions.

What are the benefits of a Bonded-Textile glove?

The outer hydrophobic (water repellent) textile is attached to the Hipora waterproof layer using strategically placed bonding tape in the palm, fingers and top areas of the gloves. During the manufacturing process the gloves are exposed to extreme heat around the bonding tape, thereby causing it to fuse the layers together.

This makes a glove with dramatically reduced movement in between the layers - perfect for maximum feel and direct control of the motorcycle controls. Keis G701S 'Shorty' Bonded-Textile Heated Gloves feel like a second skin, reducing any ‘lag’ between the movement of your hands and the controls.

If you are looking for all the benefits of these Bonded-Textile Heated Gloves, but with an option of powering the gloves via a set of glove batteries (which go into special battery pockets built into the glove cuff), we recommend trying the alternative G701 Bonded-Textile Heated Motorcycle Gloves.

What is the palm material made from? It looks like leather.

The palm is made from a high quality synthetic leather. This material provides the benefits of a fine leather-look, but has better production features… as well as being more ethical.

The outer is indicated to be made from Ballistic Spandex and Nylon. What is meant by this?

The outer is made from a material comprised of Ballistic Nylon, infused with Spandex. The Ballistic Nylon provide the super strength and durability, while the spandex the elasticity for comfortable, frictionless movement.

Our heated motorcycle gloves also feature 3M Thinsulate insulation, are designed specifically for motorcycling in cold weather, and are fully certified to the new EU PPE Regulation 13594:2015.

For your safety try and avoid illegal motorcycle gloves. All UK legal motorcycle gloves must be clearly marked as certified EU PPE compliment, and provide an EU PPE Declaration of Conformity, which you are able to download if you wish.

Keis heated motorcycle gloves PPE regulations

See here for the current EU PPE Declaration of Conformity.

And see here for our UKCA Declaration of Conformity.

Keis heated motorcycle gloves EU PPE certified

Download the Keis Motorcycle Gloves EU PPE Regulations Instructions here.

These motorcycle gloves would suit the rider who enjoys riding throughout the cold WINTER months, whatever the conditions

The G701S 'Shorty' Bonded-Textile Heated Motorcycle Gloves have been created with very good feel of the controls and dexterity, but with the added benefit of a micro carbon fibre heating panel across the back of the hands, and over the top of the fingers. These gloves features a thick layer of 3M Thinsulate to keep good warmth distribution throughout the glove, especially across the back of the hand and the fingers, and the quality protection achieved from hardened knuckle protection and scaphoid slider. The ballistic material covering the back of the hand and down the fingers features a strong hydrophobic property, thereby staying lightweight and dry even in heavy rain. During testing the G701S gloves were submerged in a tank of water for 2-minutes, with not a drop of water penetrating passed the ballistic textile and Hipora waterproof layer.

Power these heated motorcycle gloves from the motorcycle or via a Keis heated upper-body garment (a Keis heated jacket, bodywarmer, or vest) 

Using the latest technology in heat generation, the G701S gloves can be powered from a 12V vehicle battery (cables supplied), from the power leads connected from a Keis Heated Bodywarmer or Vest, or directly from a Keis Heated Jacket with power output leads built into each jacket arm.

Powering your heated gloves from the supplied motorcycle power lead

Powering your heated gloves from an optional single Portable Battery Pack

Powering your heated gloves from a Keis heated vest, or heated Bodywarmer

This would require the purchase of a 'Glove to Vest/Bodywarmer Power Lead set' which is not supplied with your gloves.

Powering your Keis Heated Motorcycle Gloves from a Keis Heated Jacket.

You may need a connection adaptor if you are wishing to connect a pre-2020 garment to a post-2020 garment. 

Keis heated clothing Lifetime warranty
Keis Apparel are designed to be reliable and durable, so much so that you can safely wash your heated garment. All Keis heating elements enjoy a Lifetime Warranty.  

Motorcycle Glove Sizes:

- Glove size 5 - XXXS
- Glove size 6 - XXS
- Glove size 7 - XS
- Glove size 8 - S
- Glove size 9 - M
- Glove size 10 - L
- Glove size 11 - XL
- Glove size 12 - XXL
- Glove size 13 - XXXL

keis heated motorcycle gloves size guide 

Not sure which size will best fit you? No problem.

We have an easy solution. This Keis Apparel website offers FREE UK return postage for any item purchased from this website, within 30 days. 
Please note: As of this time this service is only possible for returns coming from the United Kingdom, not for any other country.

So if you are unsure what size will best fit you, you can simply order more than one size, then return the one/s that do not fit using our COLLECT+ free return service within 30 days, and we will credit you for the returned items.

Go to the Keis Apparel website UK returns page here.

Included with these motorcycle gloves are: (in all various options)

The G701S heated motorcycle gloves feature the 'Male Power Plug' to connect to your chosen power source. 

What does the 'Male Power Plug' look like on these gloves?

Keis motorcycle gloves heated
If you wish to connect your G701S Heated Motorcycle Gloves to the power output plugs found within the sleeves of your pre-2020 Keis heated jacket, you will require the appropriate set of adaptors – Female to Female Power Connection Adaptor - Pair. 
These adaptors are not necessary to connect your post-2020 Keis heated jacket to your G701S Keis heated motorcycle gloves, as the post-2020 garments use a power output socket (not a plug, like earlier jackets).


  • Constructed from Ballistic Spandex outer shell with semi bonded Hipora™ waterproof and breathable membrane for outstanding comfort and performance in all conditions.
  • Approved to the latest EN 13594:2015 standard.
  • Flexible soft armour across the knuckles, deliver the perfect balance between strong protection and all-day superior comfort. 
  • Keis branded scaphoid slider offering maximum protection to both wrist and palm.
  • Generous 3M Thinsulate™ insulation retains the heat whatever the weather.
  • Independent, integral heat controller, positioned on the back of the wrist for easy operation when riding. Accessible whether you prefer to wear your gloves under or over your jacket sleeve cuffs.
  • Newly designed visor wipe positioned on the left index finger.
  • Touch Screen capacitive pad on index fingers and thumb – perfect for use on most smartphones (smartphones have different levels of touch sensitivity, as such the G701 touch screen capacity may not work on every make of phone).
  • Available in nine sizes:  5 (XXXS), 6 (XXS), 7 (XS), 8 (S), 9 (M), 10 (L), 11 (XL), 12 (XXL), 13 (XXXL).
    Voltage: 12V
    Approx. Current: 1.6A
    Typical Power: 19.2W
    Shell: Nylon and Ballistic Spandex
    Lining: 100% Polyester

    Connecting the supplied motorcycle power lead is quick and easy.

    Please Note: All our Gloves come complete with everything required to power them independently from a motorcycle.  However, our Heated Vests and Bodywarmers incorporate integrated power sockets specifically to power Keis Heated Gloves using optional connection leads. Our Keis Heated Jacket will also power our Heated Gloves via a lead in the sleeves.

    The G701S 'Shorty' Premium Bonded-Textile Heated Gloves come with the vehicle supply lead to power from a 12V motorcycle battery. 

    See here for the 2021 Keis Apparel Heated Clothing Instructions Manual

    Cleaning guidelines:

    • Our recommended method for cleaning both our leather and fabric outer gloves is to wipe the outside of the gloves with a cloth moistened with a solution prepared from S100 Technical Fabric and Leather Wash.
    • Repeat, rinsing and wringing out the cloth regularly in clean solution until the gloves appear clean.
    • Wipe over with a cloth moistened in plain water and allow to dry thoroughly at room temperature.
    • Finally apply S100 reproofing Spray for Fabric and Leather.  We do not recommend immersion in water or washing in a washing machine.




    Customer Reviews



    Failure to observe these instructions could result in discomfort and, in extreme circumstances, burns to the skin. 

    • Prolonged close contact with the body of the heating system can cause burns. NEVER wear directly against the skin. This does not apply to heated gloves.
    • ALWAYS wear a base layer between the product and the skin.
    • DO NOT wear tight over-garments.
    • DO NOT use for prolonged periods particularly at high power and/or at temperatures above 5°C.
    • ALWAYS use the lowest possible setting for comfort.
    • DO NOT use when wet. This includes excessive sweat.
    • DISCONTINUE USE IMMEDIATELY at any sense of discomfort. 
    • Check connection leads regularly for signs of fatigue.
    • If you power this garment using any of the optional Portable Battery Packs, always remove li-ion battery packs from garments when not in use.
    • Not recommended for children, pregnant women or those with a heart condition.
    • More information can be found in the instruction manual supplied. 
    • DO NOT allow the garment to remain in precisely the same position on any part of the body (particularly hands) for periods of more than 20 minutes. Always ensure that there is sufficient movement to reposition the heating panels on the body to some extent to help avoid localised overheating. Blistering of the skin can occur if this warning is not heeded.

    Please feel free contact us if you have any questions regarding the advised usage of heated clothing, and our range of Keis Apparel. 

    UKCA Declaration of Conformity

    Lifetime warranty

    We’re proud of our world-leading heating technology – and we’re so convinced that our products will perform, year after year, we offer a lifetime warranty on the heating element within all Keis heated garments.

    Lifetime Warranty

    In addition to this, Keis Heated Apparel is able to provide a two-year warranty on all products, excluding battery packs – while our portable battery packs come with a 180-day warranty. 

    Terms & conditions

    • A proof of purchase is provided with any warranty claim
    • The product must be free from physical damage and must have been used in accordance with the instructions issued from time to time by the company.
    • Battery packs are vulnerable to abuse and lack of care; warranty does not cover battery packs where our care instructions have not been carefully followed.
    • Lifetime warranty on the heating elements does not cover wiring or associated electronics.
    • Keis reserves the right to repair or replace with a product of similar value.

    Your statutory rights are not affected.
    Got a warranty question? Contact us at support@keisapparel.co.uk 


    Refund and Returns Policy

    1. Keis Apparel size-exchange returns - for garments purchased via the Keis Apparel website.

    We have a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return. 

    To be eligible for a return, your item must be in the same condition that you received it, unworn or unused, with tags, and in its original packaging. You’ll also need the receipt or proof of purchase. 

    Please Note: Only one free return parcel per website order basket. 

    Not sure which size will best fit you? No problem.

    We have an easy solution. This Keis Apparel website offers FREE UK return postage for any item purchased from this website, within 30 days. 
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    So if you are unsure what size will best fit you, you can simply order more than one size, then return the one/s that do not fit using our COLLECT+ free return service within 30 days, and we will credit you for the returned items.

    Collect Plus logo

    Go to the Keis Apparel website UK returns page here.

    If you have purchased your Keis heated products from outside of the UK, please request a return through the above link. You will not be provided a returns label, as this feature is currently only available for UK shopper. Once your return has been requested, please package your returned item with the Returns Number, and post it to our Warranty and Returns Department, at:

    KEIS APPAREL - Warranty and Returns
    c/o Motohaus Powersports Ltd
    Osborn Way
    RG27 9UT
    United Kingdom

    Tel. +44 (0)1256 704 909
    Email. support@keisapparel.co.uk

    2. Keis Apparel warranty returns - wherever the product was purchased in the UK.

    Also, you may return your Keis product if your item is damaged or faulty and is within our generous warranty policy listed below: 

    - LIFETIME WARRANTY on all heating elements. (Purchased on or after September 2014)
    - 2-Year warranty on Keis accessories.
    - 180-Day warranty on Keis portable battery packs. 
    - 2-Year warranty on all other materials.

    Please note: Due to the nature of electronic devices, the replacement of any internal fuses as a result of a user plugging the garment into a faulty connection, power supply, or into other garment (Keis Apparel or other brand), may not be covered within the Warranty policy.

    For all Warranty Returns, if your product falls under the above guidelines please go to the Motohaus Returns Material Authorisation (RMA) portal, at http://motohaus.returnsportal.net/.

    Create an account and follow the instructions to receive an RMA number (Returns number), which is necessary so that we know which technician to send your item to once your product arrives with us! 

    Once this has been processed, return the item to Keis Apparel UK c/o Motohaus Powersports Ltd within 7 days from receipt. For your protection, Motohaus Powersports Ltd strongly recommend that you use a recorded-delivery service to return the item(s). When we receive the item(s) back we will contact you and offer you the correct product or a full refund within 10 working days (providing the item is in the condition as dispatched to you).

    Please note we do not refund shipping costs unless the goods were delivered faulty or incorrectly.

    You can always contact us for any return question at info@keisapparel.co.uk.

    General Refund and Return Policy

    Damages and issues 

    Please inspect your order upon reception and contact us immediately if the item is defective, damaged or if you receive the wrong item, so that we can evaluate the issue and make it right.

    Exceptions / non-returnable items

    Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns on sale items or gift cards.


    The fastest way to ensure you get what you want is to return the item you have, and once the return is accepted, make a separate purchase for the new item.


    We will notify you once we’ve received and inspected your return, and let you know if the refund was approved or not. If approved, you’ll be automatically refunded on your original payment method.

    Please remember it can take between 5 and 10 business days for your bank or credit card company to process and post the refund to your statement. The amount may reflect as a credit into your account, or the original transaction on your statement will be edited to reflect the refund. Besides looking for a credit in your statement, please also review the original transaction on your statement when determining the successful conclusion of any refund. We unfortunately do not have any control over this necessary '5 to 10 business day' transaction period. This is the required time it takes for the different banks to process the refund request.